Sharing stories at a historic coaching inn

  • traveling across India in difficult conditions and the lessons learned about the generosity of strangers and dealing with the unpredictable along the way;
  • a couple trying to have a baby without success and then a New Year’s Eve that brought good news and the arrival of an unexpected daughter;
  • a senior executive recalled the shock of regaining consciousness in a hospital bed ten years ago. It became the wake-up call for rebalancing his life and not working such a crazy schedule, flying around the world;
  • a woman whose love of football as a young girl was inspired by her father, how she learned from him that she didn’t necessarily need to be the best at something, but just give 100%;
  • the challenges of working in a male-dominated industry in a previous role and how one woman rose through the ranks to become the first female sales manager there;
  • the rigours of one woman planning for a 100km trek across the Namibian desert only to break her toe tripping over her suitcase as she was headed to the airport. She carried on regardless and made it across the finish line;
  • one man’s experience realising he was in the wrong job, having the courage to quit and then taking a big risk to leap to a new role in order to get back on track and find his path again;
  • a woman learning the importance of hard work from her father, and that experience fueling her own journey to be the first member of the family to get to university. Then raising a daughter herself at a young age who would go on to be the second member of the family to go to university;
  • how working at Tektronix had been the best sixteen years of one team member’s working life, finding her dream job and realising her full potential;
  • one woman’s holiday alone in India after a relationship break-up. Falling in love with Asia and rediscovering self confidence and happiness.



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Sparking change through story. Energising people at work. Author of 365 Ways to Have a Good Day (out Nov 2021). Fuelled by coffee, curiosity, walking.