“leap” by ian sanders (Capstone books)

Life after the leap. 14 lessons from 14 years freelance.

“All I have is my bare hands, a bunch of contacts and some ideas. And with that I’ve got to make some money. It’s that simple…but it’s also that scary”.

I wrote these words in 2000 having just quit my job to go independent. When I took the leap, it felt very much into unchartered territory. I had no plan. I didn’t have a mentor and I didn’t have a guidebook (so I wrote my own, “Leap! Ditch Your Job, Start Your Own Business & Set Yourself Free”).

But still, I leapt. Because I knew I needed an exit. Not only had I hit a ceiling professionally, I was unhappy and getting unwell. Something had to give.

Back then I was naive enough to think that an independent work life may prove to be easier than working in an organisation. How wrong I was. I’ve learnt a lot since I went independent (I don’t really like the term ‘freelance’), so here are my 14 lessons from 14 years working for myself:



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Sparking change through story. Energising people at work. Author of 365 Ways to Have a Good Day (out Nov 2021). Fuelled by coffee, curiosity, walking.