If you follow your curiosity, chances are, you’ll be rewarded.

3 min readApr 11, 2022

There was a wonderful moment on holiday in NYC last week.

On our first day in the city I’d taken my sons to the huge Uniqlo store on Fifth Avenue. As I was leaving I noticed a stack of Uniqlo ‘LifeWear’ magazines by the door. It was definitely one of those wafer thin choices between picking one up or not. I took one, almost as an afterthought.

Back at the hotel I read a feature in the magazine about the filmmaker Sofia Coppola. She was photographed outside one of her favourite restaurants — Buvette in the West Village. It looked like a lovely spot.

The following day I was walking with my family through Washington Square Park. We were getting hungry so I suggested heading west to find a spot for lunch. I don’t know Greenwich Village well, and I didn’t have a venue in mind, so I found myself leading the family along a street. We got to a junction and I thought ‘which way now?’

I love to walk around a city without a map, just following my nose. And at each junction we were faced with that choice again: which way now?

As we crossed Seventh Avenue, I wondered if I might find a cool little restaurant down a side street. And then my eyes were drawn to Grove Street, there was something about it that caught my attention. On Grove Street we were soon greeted by a lovely little restaurant, lightbulbs strewn around the windows, two benches either side of the doors. It looked like my kind of place. I sat on a bench to look at the menu.

And then I realised — this was Buvette.

Monday lunchtime it was busy and buzzy. Did they have a table for four? There was space in the back, sharing a long table with three others. We sat down, took in the scene and ordered our eggs & smoked salmon with a glass of Pinot Noir. It was just perfect.

And I tell you this story because so many of the positive things that have happened in my working life — getting a book published, being asked to speak at a conference, forming long standing working relationships, even finding new clients — have happened in a similar way. They’ve also come from following my nose, staying curious, and noticing the world around me. That is to say, there hasn’t been a plan. Many of those too have been the result of those wafer thin choices.

Of course I could have looked Buvette up online, reserved a table, put the street address into my phone. I could have planned the lunch.

But I’m glad we stumbled across it instead.

If you follow your curiosity, chances are, you’ll be rewarded.

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